TiEcon Kerala 2014 6-7 November, Le Meridien, Kochi
Driving Entrepreneurship through Disruption

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Latest updates about the event… Also you will find some informative and interesting compilation of relevant write-ups from experts


Disruption is the new reality of business by Rajesh Nair

Ronnie Screwvala, the legendary Indian entrepreneur, who changed the media and entertainment business landscape in India, famously quotes in his recent book ‘ Dream with your eyes open’ – ‘Even if it ain’t broke, fix it’. He refers to the need for every business to constantly look outwar......Read More

Social Responsibility of an Entrepreneur by Sayed N

We often think of entrepreneurs  as national assets to be natured  and encouraged to the greatest possible extent. We all know entrepreneurs create wealth from their entrepreneurial ventures, they create jobs and their innovations improve our standard of living. Do they directly or indirectly bri......Read More

What Good Entrepreneurs Won’t Do by Sumit Balan

I’m often amused by the number of aspiring entrepreneurs that mushroom every other day. Anyone with an idea, a laptop and a blog, calls himself an Entrepreneur. Well, calling oneself a CEO doesn’t make you one and a small army of twitter followers doesn’t make you a leader either. Don’t w......Read More


Among the progressive strides that India had taken after gaining independence some sixty five plus years ago, two major developments that took place in the last two decades stand out significantly, namely,  sustained economic growth and emergence of entrepreneurship. On both, India is now being co......Read More

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