TiEcon Kerala 2014 6-7 November, Le Meridien, Kochi
Driving Entrepreneurship through Disruption

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by TIE kerala


Disruption is the new reality of today’s Business. There has to deep thought behind some of the planning you do for your organisation. Disruption for the sake of it, is also very short term and myopic. You will need to have the urgency of disruption over the long term and not just the short term – spit and polish – measures, you take. Your investors and your stakeholders cannot be attracted with a series of mindless action that you can pioneer and call it ‘disruption’. We know that the best way to see our reflection is to watch ourselves in still calm and clear water. But there will never be ‘still’ water anymore. The water will be choppy, dark and riddled with ripples originating from everywhere. There is no time, when you can sit back relax and think – ‘Ok, now, let me disrupt!’. Whatever you do, you have to do it on the move!

When you look at today’s business, you have to look at both the headlines and the trend lines. Tremendous value is being created by companies like Facebook, UBER, Tumblr, Twitter, Alibaba, which defies the normal principles of business model and our traditional outlook to assets. These companies have not just edged millions of companies out of business, but have fundamentally changed human habits. A middle aged professional of today is at that very interesting cross road in his career, where he sees some of the value of her decades old experience of yesterday eroded, because the future course of business requires a new ‘quiver of arrows’. The younger professional has a reality in front of her, which needs to be understood very differently. Business history today has little to offer to understand this crystal ball of change. A recent data on publicly listed companies in the US, highlighted the fact that the average age of a company is fifteen years today!

Please join Gopi Kallayil Chief Evangelist, Brand Marketing, Google (@GopiKallayil) at 8:00 – 8:30 p.m. IST on November 5, Thursday with our host Anish Aravind (@anisharavind) We’ll discuss about How Entrepreneurship is Driving Disruption in Advertising.

Q1. What is the future of Digital Marketing in India?

Q2. What are the three emerging trends you see in advertising industry?

Q3. What is your opinion on current startup landscape in India?

Q4. Tell us what entrepreneurs can learn from your book “The Internet to the Inner-net”?

Q5. What advice you would give entrepreneurs for effective digital marketing?

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TiE Kerala Chapter was registered in March 12, 2003 with ten charter members. Within a short span of 10 years, the chapter grew to its present strength of 47 charter members and 600+ members who are CEOs of SMEs/Professionals representing industries like IT, hospitality/tourism, food, agro, financial services, pharmaceuticals, education, consultancy, automobiles, manufacturing, etc.

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